I love this little family so much. In a few short years, they’ve gone from sweet engaged couple to American dream family complete with adorable toddler, best behaved pooch ever, and a house that looks like a magazine cover. And yes, they’ve been richly blessed, but they’ve also had to work through some pretty significant trials, so they can really appreciate what they have.

Their little girl is every bit as pretty as we predicted she would be when Sheila announced her pregnancy to Chad. My son was there for that big event, so he feels a special proprietary interest in the baby, since he was there to watch the story unfold. And the little girl’s charm as a baby and toddler has only increased his affection for her to the point he was willing to play “Baby Shark” on the ukulele for her.

Their dog has been with Chad for about ten years. Considering it was just him and Chad as bachelors for so many years, he has done amazingly well, since he probably didn’t have that much of a say about his opinions on growing the family. The little girl loves him perhaps a little enthusiastically at times, but he takes it in stride. And all in all, he knows that Chad chose his bride well.