Seven adults and seven kids on a lovely autumn evening in the park. They did their session right before dinner, so we were working against the clock before the little (and big) ones got hangry. I haven’t done a session in Pioneer Park before, but I would definitely go back. They have lovely trees, a lake, and a couple of gazebos in different sizes. All of this isn’t too far from the parking lot, either, so it was a good choice to keep the younger ones from getting worn out or falling down on the way.

The kids did amazingly well, and it’s always great to have a funny parent on hand. They cooperated nicely for their individual portraits in between running off to play in the field adjacent to the lake. Even the littlest ones, although they weren’t as well trained to smile on demand, were alert and didn’t melt down in my presence. I was grateful for their good behavior, and hopefully they got a delicious dessert with their dinner!