I sympathize. It’s hard to be in the moment with your fiancé when your big sister is taking the pictures. Not to mention being surrounded by an audience of your other big sister, almost teenage nephew, and your fiancé’s six-year-old daughter. But many years of adapting to the many quirks of our family have given Jacqueline the ability to roll with whatever she is dealt.

We took pictures to celebrate Jacqueline and Steve’s engagement at Ault Park when they were here for Thanksgiving break. Steve was probably just happy that it was relatively warm and dry, so he didn’t have to try to feel the romance in my basement surrounded by flashing studio lights.

And of course, we had to have some audience participation.

Jacqueline and Steve, thank you for letting me share your pictures. I know your ability to deal with life’s ever-changing circumstances will serve you well in your future years together!