I’ve grown accustomed to his face. Brandon is a bit young for that reference, having come of age in the era of Lin-Manuel Miranda, rather than Lerner and Loewe. But he is an actor with a bit of musical theater in his resume, so he might be familiar with the old-school My Fair Lady.

I’ve taken his annual portrait for four years running, and for three of those years, his mom has been on hand to tell me which is his real smile (she coordinates the yearbook and helps me on portrait day). But his acting experience still came in handy, since he was going down with a cold and had to pretend he was a healthy young man who could breathe through his nostrils. In that sense, he managed quite admirably.

Ault Park is a favorite place of his, and apparently, of a lot of other people’s as well that weekday evening. We were dodging all sorts of other picture-takers, trying not to photo-bomb or be photo-bombed. Luckily, the park has many beautiful settings, and with a little patience, there was room for all. We ended up with a great variety of images, and if Brandon was miserable from his cold and all the park-trotting, he managed not to show it. Bravo, Brandon!