The fact that we were out taking family portraits with the temps in the forties, a light drizzle, and an even wetter forecast in the upcoming hour could be attributed to courage, hardiness, or possibly a testament to how hard it is to coordinate a time that works for four families getting together for a short time during the holiday. In any case, their optimism paid off, as we were able to successfully complete pictures of everyone before the light gave out.

Is it wrong that I love the first picture in this set so much? This beautiful little family was all Christmas-card-ready except for the one little man whose face clearly expresses the general opinion about the year 2020. And yes, they do have other family pictures in the set that are more traditionally acceptable for seasonal greetings, but this is the picture that gave me the most holiday cheer.

I almost regret saying that all the other pictures are of naturally photogenic people behaving well in front of the camera, even the family with the two boys who didn’t make it into town until something like 2 a.m. So that was pretty impressive, too.