It’s baseball season and time for team pictures!

The Mason Monarchs had me come out to one of their early practices to get their pictures taken right away in their sharp new uniforms. I had initially thought to take all the pictures individually against a green screen, but abandoned the idea once I realized that it wouldn’t work with the bright green jerseys. The athletes would have been a sea of floating heads and arms on top of pristine white pants. It would have been a unique look, but probably not one they were going for.

I positioned each player so he was backlit from the sun, and then amplified the effect with two strip softboxes, one on each side. Each athlete did four or five poses for me, and I collaged the best ones into the design for their team banner. The team prints a 4 x 6 foot outdoor banner to hang at their games to show their team pride. Since their team is named the Monarchs, I was going for a regal look, rather than a rough, gritty effect.

I also had fun designing matching trader cards. (Names and personal info are changed to protect identities.)

Monarchs baseball trader card

They were a great group of kids to work with, and I wish the best of luck this season. And good luck with the white pants as well! 🙂