I had the privilege of photographing a beautiful family at Glenwood Gardens. Priya wanted to take some pictures of her parents, who were visiting from India, with her family as a Father’s Day gift. I thought that was a really special thing to do for them.

(Since I was shooting into the sun, I used an on-camera flash pointed behind me and bounced it off a huge reflector I held behind my head on my shoulders. This gave me enough fill light to light all the faces.)


Although they live far away, John and Molly love their grandchildren dearly.

(The above, and the next two photos were taken with only ambient light.)

I also took a few of just Priya and Ben, as they didn’t take that many pictures with just the two of them once the kids came along, and it’s such a shame, since they are such a handsome couple!


While I was off taking pictures of the adults, you would think the kids would be getting restless or getting into trouble, but not these girls. They just amused themselves and as a bonus, were still being photogenic!


Priya surprised her parents with the plan, so they didn’t bring any traditional Indian clothes, but I cajoled her into bringing some Indian outfits for herself and the girls because I think they look so beautiful.

(Because it was near sunset, I was able to use my speedlight in a 22 inch soft box to provide the main light on the subjects for the rest of the photos.)


Maybe it’s just the models that make the outfits look beautiful.

20140616_4637 20140616_4628 20140616_4626

These young ladies were incredibly well-behaved, as I mentioned. Even though we were shooting well past 9 p.m., I never heard any whining, and they did whatever I asked them to do promptly. In fact, the eldest remembered all her posing instructions from the very first pose so that she did whatever I wanted before I even had a chance to ask!

Priya told me that she had promised a surprise to the girls if they behaved well. They certainly did their part, so I hope they enjoyed whatever reward they earned!