I was torn about which photo to use as the cover for this post. Because I am minimally competent on social media, I can’t figure out how to post a vertical portrait as my cover without having Facebook chop off the head. So it seems I should choose a horizontal photo, but I didn’t take many of those. And I also think my fun-loving subject of this session would actually be quite tickled to see his head chopped off in the lead photo. Because he doesn’t take himself too seriously and has a serious comic streak in him.

Aidan actually was fantastic for his senior session. He was cooperative with the posing and easygoing about the damp and somewhat chilly conditions. His playful nature was soon evident, and the pictures that I think he will appreciate the most are the goofy ones that I will do his mother the favor of not posting here. I will, however, put them in his gallery, and she will likely have to fight him for the next six months over not using them for his graduation announcements. You’re welcome.